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The words ‘digital marketing’ send many of us into a panic. It feels out of reach, something reserved for the tech-savvy. As an experienced financial advisor, you might feel this way too. The bad news is that the world is moving toward a digital future. But the good news is that, if you choose to transition, EOE Digital can help you. And the best news…? If you’re an advisor with good client relationships, digital marketing can make those human connections great. If you’re an advisor with knowledge to share, digital marketing can spread the word. And if you’re an advisor who cares about your clients, digital marketing can elevate how they experience your service. At EOE Digital, we want to add you to our community of financial advisors who look to the future. A future where knowledge, skills, and relationships are seen for what they are: valuable. Digital marketing strategy is not out of your reach. In fact, you’ll have more reach than ever. 

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Our Happy Clients

"Through the utilisation of East of Eden's services we have a better understanding of our brokers and are continuously improving communication with them on a digital level. With regard to email marketing and social media, I can rest assured and focus on the tasks at hand as I can rely on them for service delivery. I believe that their email marketing has especially created a personalised connection and assisted to fill that gap of value creation. "

Linda Tavarez
Linda Tavarez
ATP Broker Consultants Franchise Leader

"East of Eden Digital has expertise in both industries, the marketing, and the insurance industry. Therefore, it's evident from working with them, that they understand what the industry's needs are. We have been working with them since mid-year 2020 and during such a difficult year we found their services utile as they are adaptive and innovative, which lead to high morale and overall improves business and broker communication."

Pieter Cronje
Pieter Cronje
FuzeFin Franchise Leader

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