About Eden

Who We Are Really?

We’re an advisory business that embraces the use of digital marketing. But what do we, at EOE Digital, stand for? Well, let’s start with what we aren’t.

We’re not you. The blood, sweat, and tears you’ve invested in your business means you know it best, you know your clients best, and you know what’s best for them. Our job is to use digital marketing to enhance the positive aspects of your business, not to reinvent it or tell you how to run it.

We’re not magicians. Implementing a digital marketing strategy takes time, collaboration, and investment. You’re familiar with such demands; you built your business on them. Be prepared to knuckle down again. The beauty of digital, however, is that the effort you put in is often rewarded exponentially.

We’re not know-it-alls. What’s considered an appropriate digital marketing strategy today, might not be best practice tomorrow. Things change fast in this discipline and we won’t always have the answers. But what we do have is a community of professionals (digital marketing gurus, web designers and developers, social media experts, branding specialists, and more) who’ll always offer the best guidance.

And what Are we?

We’re believers. East of Eden Digital was established because we’ve experienced the powerful impact of digital marketing on a financial advisory business like yours. We believe there’s enormous value locked inside your business. A digital key can unlock it. 

We’re dreamers.
What can be achieved with digital marketing is extraordinary. A beautifully worded weekly newsletter that your clients love reading? Possible. Your take on current events, and their impact on your clients, on a professional blog? Possible. Clients who talk about your brand so that referrals come easy? Possible. 

We’re humans.
Going digital is often associated with a loss of human connection. This is not the outcome we’re after. The betterment of your client relationships — and the benefits that flow from that — will be at the heart of every digital marketing initiative that East of Eden Digital helps you to design and implement. 

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