Awareness: The Greatest Agent for Change
  • May 04, 2021
  • EOE Digital

Has your spouse ever gone out to purchase one product and ended up bringing the entire store home? It has happened in my household. Have you ever stopped to noticed what causes you to give in to certain products, or at what point did you transition from not knowing about a product's existence to standing with it at the cash register? 

What makes your potential leads choose you?

Analyzing the buyer’s journey places you in the marketers driving seat and gives you a better sense of your consumer's buying decisions.

This month we are going to discuss each phase in the Consumer Buying Process, based on the image above. 

Stage 1- Awareness 

According to Smart Bug, during this stage, your consumer has just realized he/she has a want or a need for a product.  This need or want is triggered by an internal or external stimulus. 

  • An internal stimulus is a personal perception experienced by the consumer. 
  • An example is a potential consumer will need to adjust his/her retirement annuity based on a retrenchment. 
  • An external stimulus is when a person is influenced by outside aspects such as an ad or a blog. 
  • An example is an existing client reads an article conducted by you about the pre-retirement dos and don’ts and identifies something he/she hasn’t implemented. Therefore, they discover a pain point.

Most potential leads within the awareness stage are seeking information to answer questions and resolve a pain point.

So, how do you prepare for the Awareness Stage?

  • Establish yourself as a thought leader by providing educational content such as the dos and don’ts of retirement planning mentioned above.
  • It’s important to cater to the client’s specific characteristics and pain points. In this industry, a one size fits all will not cut it.
  • Use words such as prevent, troubleshoot or improve your content.

Remember if you answer your ideal client’s questions and place your awareness content appropriately, you're placing your organization in a great position to convert. Ask yourself where your leads go to educate themselves?


The answer to that will bring us to next week’s topic…