Reading your clients
  • Jul 19, 2021
  • EOE Digital

Did you know that people think in 3 different ways and their body language will tell you exactly what their primary thinking style is? All you need to know is what to do when you see it.

You might be thinking that you know how to read body language. For example, you know if someone is crossing their arms, they are feeling insecure about something. This method is on a whole new level! It involves understanding how their brain works so that they can say yes to what you are proposing. 

To achieve this, you need to know how to identify the 3 body language types and how to build rapport with them. Here we go:


  • This group makes up 75% of the world’s population.
  • Their brains usually think in pictures and images.

How can you tell?

  • They stand up tall with a good posture.
  • They dress well because their appearance is important to them.
  • They hold their shoulders high because they usually carry a lot of stress on their shoulders.
  • They have wrinkles on their foreheads because they remember experiences by looking up.
  • They have thin lips and like to maintain eye contact.

How to build rapport with them?

  • Give them lots of eye contact
  • Use words that have a visual comparison such as “I see what you mean”.


  • This group represents 20% of people in the world.

How can you tell?

  • They are not usually well dressed as they are not really bothered by appearances.
  • They look down to the left. That is how they remember experiences or what they have heard.
  • Telephone posture: place their head in the palm of their hands.
  • Mumble to themselves
  • Think in words and sounds: that is why they tend to click their pen or bang it on the table when they are thinking.

How to build rapport with them?

  • Do not give them too much eye contact. This might make them feel uneasy. Rather give them short periods of eye contact.
  • Use words that are auditory such as “let’s talk this over”.


  • It is the rarest group of people. They represent 5% of the population.

How can you tell?

  • Their brains think in feeling and tactile.
  • Whether you know them or not, they will usually greet you with a hug or by shaking your hand with both hands.
  • They dress for comfort and not for style.
  • They have full lips.
  • They tend to lean in when they are having a conversation. This is how they build rapport.
  • They tend to reach out and touch your arm.
  • They look down when they try to remember something.

How to build rapport with them?

  • This group might struggle to do business within lockdown as contact is limited.
  • The most important thing to remember is that if you are not comfortable with touch, establish ground rules with your own body language such as putting your hand out to greet them or standing a certain distance from them.
  • Use language that is tactile such as “I want to hear how you are feeling about this”, or “let’s get in touch”. 

You can probably identify yourself with one of the above, but what is important to know is that not everyone will be you. Start paying attention to your prospect's body language. Although you cannot change how your brain works, you can accommodate your prospect's methods.

The best part? You do not need face-to-face contact with prospects to find out what type they are. You can revert to phone calls and emails to tell by the words they use which type they are.