The Art of Effective Communication
  • Jul 26, 2021
  • EOE Digital

Have you ever felt that you could have been told something much faster and with fewer words?

Have you ever felt that you were the reason that a conversation went much longer than necessary, and you didn’t really get your point across?

Simply put, communication is defined as delivering information. Effective communication is received and understood by your audience. How effective can communication be? Well, we believe that when your listener/audience can deliver the information they received to a third party then it's effective. For example, when your clients can discuss and explain to their families what you delivered in a financial planning session.

Ineffective communication

If we look at the opposite end of the spectrum, ineffective communication can be a waste of time and wasted emotion as it can lead to misunderstandings and that could trigger negative emotions.

Your job as a financial advisor is to deliver a message and make sure that message is received. Anything that hinders that message from being received needs to be removed.

Direct communication

This reminds me of A mathematical equation: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Simply put, if you are upset with someone rather address the problem instead of slamming doors or mumbling. It was Bruce Lee that said simplicity is key.

Define your terms

You could have the same word in your vocabulary as someone else, yet they have a different definition for it than you. The best way to address this is to ask them what that word/phrase means to them. Remember, what is the message you want to deliver to your listener.


This is the top manner to be an effective communicator. The 2 aspects to understand about humility is:

  • You can sometimes be wrong
  • It's not about you but it’s about your listeners and once you understand this you will present information the best way your audience will receive it and not the best way you think it sounds.

Tonality and trust

Have you ever got into an argument with someone because of the tonality something was said in? Condescending and impatient tones can hinder your message from being received.

How do you instill trust in your organization? This has to do with your reputation.

Remember that your actions will either promote you or nullify you.