The Customer Journey: Part 1
  • Aug 26, 2021
  • EOE Digital

If you had to describe what a marketer does, what would you say? To me, a marketer is a professional explainer tthat gives directions. A marketer’s goal is to change a customer’s expected desire for something. Therefore, the customer journey places such a crucial role in the marketing strategy. So, what exactly is the customer journey? It’s the visual representation of every interaction a customer has with your brand, products, and services. It is usually depicted in a funnel, with awareness being the widest part and the narrowest the promoters. To make this process relatable, let's make comparisons to the dating cycle.


That first moment you saw your spouse is a moment you will never forget. You probably thought that this person was ideal for you, but how would you get them to notice you? You probably dressed better, wore more perfume, or even started working out. You wanted to make them aware of your existence. This is what the awareness stage represents. During this stage you want potential prospects to be aware of your business and not necessarily make a purchase just yet. This is the widest part of the funnel. Businesses should strive to display their name in as many eyes as possible. How does a client become aware that your business even exists?


I like to compare this to being single and new to the dating world. When you meet someone whom you are attracted to, do you occasionally glance over and expect a conversation to magically happen? No, you make eye contact, you smile, you go up to them and make conversation. This is the same with the engagement stage. Make conversation with your prospects! In the engagement stage, the brand strives to start a relationship with the customer to foster brand loyalty and awareness.


The subscribe stage can be described as every interaction your customer has with your brand. This is the first date, first hand-holding, and the first kiss!


Cha-Ching congratulations you have made a sale. But don’t let this fool you, This step is all about making a little commitment. As human beings, we show commitment in two ways: in our wallets or our calendars. Therefore, we commit by spending a little bit of money or our time.

With these two methods, we turn prospects into converters.