The Customer Journey: Part 2
  • Sep 06, 2021
  • EOE Digital

Last week we discussed the first 4 phases in the Customer Journey. This week we will focus on the final four phases namely: Excite, ascend, advocacy and promoters. 


What is the wow factor that you offer that nobody else does? How do you get your clients excited about your brand?


This is when the actual sales are taking place, or in other words, the moment that the ascending takes place. Did you notice how far down the Customer Journey this step is? It's step 6. Many organizations make the mistake of trying to make a sale during the awareness stage. In the dating world when you first meet a woman you don’t immediately ask her to marry you. You want to get to know her and give it some time to let you both decide if you are compatible.  Otherwise, if you rush things you are going to come across as creepy. It works the same with leads.


Let’s assume that you and your girlfriend have now been dating for a couple of years and you decide to get married. Men, do you stop taking your wives on dates because you are married? Absolutely not! It’s the same with the Customer Journey. Many people believe that marketing stops once the sale is made. According to Jeb Blout, 70% of business is lost due to apathy.

An advocate is a customer who thoroughly enjoyed their experience with your brand. Why is this customer important? Well, firstly they are responsible for most of your business's sales. In the insurance industry, you might notice this client as someone you catered to for generations. You might even have become good friends with this client, and they might even confide in you in difficult times. During the advocacy phase, you want to draw insight from the voice of your customers to solve problems and make the whole experience better. For example, these clients can offer you their testimonials.


Before you know it you have been married for 20 years and you realize marriage is actually great. You and your wife are officially the poster couple for marriage and have everyone else wanting the same union you share.

During this phase, customers become active promoters of your brands. Promoters believe in your brand and your business as much as you do. These customers help contribute to the first phase of the cycle by making more prospects aware of your business. Therefore, it's essential to get prospects to this phase in the funnel. 

It's important to understand that just like everything in life, the customer’s level of engagement is a journey that requires time, dedication, and involvement. We know by now if things come easy, they are not sustainable or worthy. Therefore, spare a few resources to implement this as it is worth it!

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