The Success and Marketing of Coca-Cola
  • Nov 08, 2021
  • EOE Digital

Marketing is defined as the art of selling products and/or services through the effective usage of persuasion, psychology and repetition. Marketing employs a number of practices which are regarded as its sub-fields namely advertising, sales promotion activities, personal selling, public relations (or publicity) and direct mailing to name a few. With the passage of time, the definition of marketing has changed as it has included a pre-manufacture tilt to its basis with regards to a product and/or service. The marketing concept revolves around the premise that marketing shall bring in success if products and/or services are made available in a quantifiable manner to the target audiences. This means they should be given the room to understand what the product/service shall bring for them more than anything else. 

The marketing concept aims to pinpoint the needs of the target consumers and address the same whilst meeting their needs through the purchase of the product/service and its ultimate usage. If there is no selling of the product, there would be no association of the need with the target audience and hence marketing might not be needed at all. Thus, the marketing concept looks to solve the problems in which the consumers are tied up and even when there is no problem at all – just to satisfy one’s desires – they are asked to purchase a product/service so as to have a better standing within a particular social circle or society. In other words, this encompasses the basis of self-esteem needs if not anything else (Varey 2001). 

Successful examples of marketing include the campaigns that have been launched by Coca Cola all over the globe. The product exists within the minds of the target audiences but even then the company has to market it on a consistent basis (Marco, 2001). This is for the fact that Coca Cola exists and it wants to make a mark on the consumers’ minds at every possible instance. Since Coca Cola is a mature product, it would not vanish away just like that. It is pretty synonymous with the usage of water, since Coca Cola is associated with the intake of food, as a carbonated drink and hence there might just be no need to market it again and again but then there is something called penetrating deep down inside the mind of the consumers so that he shall not choose any competing brands/products whenever there is a possibility. 

Also, the reason that the hardcore loyal people must stay for the company to remain in business is another reason why Coca Cola has to market itself back and forth. Coca Cola has similar strategies – no matter whether it exists within the United States or in a third-world country like India. The marketing is geared for cultural norms and the alterations are somewhat of a tactical move on the company’s part but all in all, it is marketing at each and every possible instance that it can. Thus, Coca Cola is a successful example of “marketing” coming from a brand’s perspective.