Without this, failure is inevitable…
  • May 11, 2021
  • EOE Digital

Conspiracies have been uncovered!

It has been Mcdonald's all the time. They are out to get us by making it impossible for your child to make a choice while standing in front of the menu. 

Actually, as a consumer, all of us have built a process to make choices when it comes to buying products or services. 

What is your clients' process of elimination?

Tim Farriss (author, entrepreneur, and public speaker) stated that he kept a swipe file. Within this file were all the most effective ads that worked on him and triggered him to make a purchase.  Therefore, whenever he bought something, he would identify the ad, phone call, print add or offer that triggered him to buy it and he would keep it in this swipe file. He would then go back and review it to identify what he “fell for” and why. This not only taught him a lot about himself but also taught him what to focus on when advertising for his consumers.

Last week, we focused on stage one of the consumer buying process which was the initial consideration stage. This week we are focusing on the Active Evaluation Stage.

The Active Evaluation Stage is the second of four stages of the consumer decision-making process.

During this stage, the consumer seeks further information and clarification. According to Lumen Learning, there are two phases namely external or internal research. 

  • An external search is when someone doesn’t have prior knowledge of a product and seeks information. 

This could potentially consist of:

  1. Personal sources: word of mouth from friends or family
  2. Marketing dominated sources: salespersons or advertising

  • An internal search originates from a consumer’s memory/recollection of a product which will be triggered by personal experience.

Irrespective of what type of motive for the product search it comes down to your potential consumer doing an elimination process just like a contestant on the Voice. 

Where do you think most of this research takes place? 

GOOGLE. That’s right. if your business is not on Google you don’t even qualify for this process.

For that reason, we always emphasis a digital presence.

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